Accounting for absence

Wait…what…is that me? Have I really been knitting, on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond? This is why I’ve been absent from the internet for while: I’ve been off on a wild rumpus in Scotland! It was beautiful, brilliant and………I’ve got lots of stories […]

Stash organization

 I think it’s the spring fever but lately I’ve been putting a lot more effort in the organisation of my stash, both the way in which I store them as in inventorying what I have. I’ve been going trough the whole of my stash to […]

Woodworker’s Spindle

You probably know that knitting is my favourite craft. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other crafts that I either enjoy doing or that I have a huge appreciation for. Some of them are related to knitting in an obvious way: crochet, sewing, spinning and […]

New surroundings

 As you can see I have changed a few things here at the Treehouse. I wanted to update the lay-out to make the look less busy without losing the feeling of the blog. I had a good long thought about it all and eventually set […]

Sound of a year gone by

Whoosh! That’s the sound of a year gone by. Just one more day, and that’s it. Done. No more class. Well, actually I do have some extra classes, because the teacher for that course has been sick a lot during this semester, but officially, according […]


Dear everyone, I apologise for the lack of posts after the blog week but there have been some unforeseen circumstances. Last week a dear someone turned out to be ill, very ill. Luckily she isn’t ill any more and is now at a lighter, better […]